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         2024-05-28 道依茨法爾20390





      SDF集團首席執行官Lodovico Bussolati評論道:“隨著FARMotion發動機新工廠的開業,SDF擴大了其在土耳其的生產范圍,包括3,4和6缸發動機,發動機是制造拖拉機最關鍵的部件之一。它們不僅適用于本地市場,也適用于國際市場,尤其是要求高性能和高效率的歐洲市場?!?/p>


      SDF土耳其首席執行官Giampaolo Cameli表示:“由于參與者的專業化和高度先進拖拉機的采用,本土農業部門正在經歷重大變革。發動機和變速箱等核心部件的國產化在推動這一增長方面發揮了重要作用?!?/p>



      On Tuesday, 14 May 2024, SDF launched a new 10,000-square-metre factory in Bandirma, Turkey, dedicated to the production of FARMotion engines and precision machining. The facility is an integral part of the Group's strategy for international expansion.

      Over the past decade, the Turkish site has undergone continuous investment, aimed not only at satisfying the production needs of the domestic market but also at catering to the demands of European markets.

      Since its acquisition in 2013, the tractor production operations in Bandirma have seen the installation of a new painting facility and two major expansions: the first in 2019, which doubled the production area from 10,000 square metres to 20,000 square metres, and the second in 2021, which further increased the size to 24,000 square metres.

      Since the Bandirma project commenced in 2013, the Group has invested over 100 million euros in production infrastructure, equipment, machinery and working capital. Owing to these sustained investments, production at the Turkish facility has risen from 1,000 to approximately 14,000 tractors over a decade.

      Lodovico Bussolati, Group CEO, commented: “With the opening of the new factory focused on FARMotion engines, SDF expands its production in Turkey to include 3, 4, and 6-cylinder engines, undoubtedly among the most crucial components for manufacturing tractors. They are intended not just for the local market but also for international and, in particular, the exacting European market, which demands high performance and efficiency.”

      Turkey has long been a strategically significant country for SDF, where it has experienced a consistent increase in market share, rising from 1% to 14% over the past decade. In 2023, the revenue from the domestic market reached 488 million euros, more than doubling the figure in 2022.

      Giampaolo Cameli, CEO of SDF Turkey, said: “The agricultural sector is experiencing a significant transformation in our country, owing to the professionalisation of participants and the adoption of highly advanced tractors. The localisation of core components, such as the engine and transmission, plays a substantial role in driving this growth.”

      The Turkish factory has become a centre of excellence for the design and production of SDF Group tractors between 45 and 130 HP; it now employs over 600 people, compared to 100 people in 2014.

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